Jason Hogan | Reel Eyes Team



Hi, I’m Jason Hogan, I’ve had the privilege of working with Darren of Reel Eyes since 2012. I got my start in video and photography shooting actions sports in the Lake Tahoe basin and have been working in the entertainment production industry for over twenty years. I moved into the wedding world in 2009 with my own company and have since moved on to freelance associate work.

Darren and I share a similar style of shooting and interacting with couples which is key for a consistent look. A touch of direction with lots of room for a couple to feel comfortable is what helps capture those real moments which is always our main goal. Then complimenting it with some of that cinematic eye candy is what pulls it all together. Darren is an absolute master editor, I’m alway amazed and proud to see what he’s done with my footage.

In my free time I love rock climbing, back country snowboarding, and exploring the Eastern Sierras where I live.

Jason’s Work